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Configuring IGMP on 2950 Switches

I have a network consisting entirely of 2950 switches although some are 2950Gs and the rest are just 2950s.

I am running CCTV video encoders over the network which generates a lot of multicast traffic. The multicast traffic appears to be forwarding out of every active port on every switch (the default config) whether there is a multicast client attached or not. This results in the switches and the wireless backbone links being saturated with traffic that doesn't need to cross the link.

Is there a way using IGMP snooping (2950s don't appear to support CGMP) to prevent multicast traffic from crossing links it doesn't need to?

I've seen the 2950 IGMP config doc but it doesn't seem to help. Also, this doc mentions a "multicast router." Would that be the 1760 router I have onsite for Internet access, or is that merely a term for some other device on the network?

I have somewhere around 40 video encoders that produce a minimum of 64 multicast streams. Normal multicast load is probably around 100 - 128 streams at anywhere from 300kb - 1000kb per stream. I've seen the 5 minute input/output rate on switch ports at range from 20mbps @ 2500 packets per sec to 60 mbps @ 6000 packets per sec.



Re: Configuring IGMP on 2950 Switches

Hello there,

as I remember (back in the days I was studying for the BCMSN exam), I believe 2950 not only does IGMP Snooping but it does in hardware.

for configuration check:

Hope it helps,


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