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Configuring IP over X.25

Hi everyone,

I want to provide remote access to W2K users (they have eicon cards) through a X.25 network to my Apache webserver running on a W2K server.I have configured my cisco router like this :

!internal network

interface Ethernet0

ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

no cdp enable


ip subnet-zero



interface Serial0

description test x.25 link

bandwidth 64

ip address

no ip directed-broadcast

encapsulation x25

x25 address 211111

x25 htc 50

x25 win 7

x25 wout 7

x25 idle 5

x25 nvc 2

x25 map ip 311111 ! remote user nna address


I have tested this link with a ping command and it works just fine from the router to the remote workstation , not the reverse situation. And I can´t ping from my W2K server to the remote workstation.

Can you please help me figured out this problem.

thanks in advance.


New Member

Re: Configuring IP over X.25


are you sure that the server is also able to send ip-traffic on two parallel

svc as you configured it on the router (nvc=2) ??

first i would try if you have the same problem if you say "no nvc 2"

then a "debug x25 pa" - so you can see if the server send a x25 packet at all -

perhaps it is no ip-problem -

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