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Configuring two 2610 Routers for FR


I'm having a problem configuring my two 2610 routers for Frame Relay. Actually, that part works, I can ping all interfaces on both routers (through the PVC) from the terminal, but am having trouble communicating w/ each remote network. Each Network is a class B. Site A is 10.1.x.x and Site B is 10.2.x.x. Each router is configured w/ a T1 WIC CSU/DSU card and the onboard Ethernet interface. The users at Site B will access servers and the Internet through Site A, and site A will have minimal interaction w/ Site B. I pinged a machine from Site B to Site A and got as far as Site A's Serial interface. Pinging from Site A sends me out to the Web through the other router in Site A. What are the major ingrediants for this to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I can e-mail the configs if needed.

Thanks, Dreux

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Re: Configuring two 2610 Routers for FR

Looks like Routing and/or NAT are at the root of this issue.

The topology appears to be SiteB--->SiteA1--->SiteA2--->(Internet). Take a look at the routing table of SiteA's 2nd router. Does it have a route back to 10.2.x.x? If I were a betting man, I'd put good money on the chance that there's no return route on SiteA's 2nd router to route the response back to SiteB's network(s). Use the Exec command "show ip route [host_address]" to see if the routing table has a route for the network the host address is on. Here's a URL you might find handy...

Also, are SiteA's routers using Classful or Classless routing. Enter the global IOS configuration command "no ip classless" to use classless routing. Here's a URL that provides more information...

Given the addressing (10.x.x.x network w/ a 16 bit mask), I assume NAT is configured on the 2nd router at Site A. Make sure that it's translating source addresses for packets that originate from SiteB's network(s).

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