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Configuring VMPS on Cat5000s


I am attempting to configure VMPS on two catalyst 5000s for the purpose of checking MAC addresses and assigning a VLAN. One 5000 is the server, and one is the client. I have created a vmps database on a tftpserver, and set up the vmps server accordingly, done "vmps state enable", and I see the database file parsed OK. However, when I set up the vmps client switch by telling it who the vmps server is, then configure a dynamic vlan port, and plug in a device, all I get is that "show port" tells me the port is inactive. Issuing "reconfirm vmps" on the client switch then issuing a "show dvlan stat" shows there was one VQP query and one response, but when I do a "show port, the status is "inactive" and the vlan is "dyn--". When I had special dvlan logging turned on, after the "reconfirm vmps" command, the logging buffer showed "%DVLAN-4-NOHOST--no host connected to dynamic port; reconfirm aborted..." One other clue(?) is that when I issue a "show vmps" on the client switch, it knows where the tftp server is and where the domain vmps server is, but it says: Management Domain: null; State: disabled; Operational Status: inactive.

Does anyone have any suggestions on why it doesn't seem to recognize my device? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards to all.


Re: Configuring VMPS on Cat5000s

For one your mgmt domain should not be "null". The required commands for VMPS are as follows:

- set vmps server

- set vmps tftpserver

- set vpms state enable

- vmps domain (standard practice for this to match VTP domain)

An example vmps configuration file that you could preconfigure on your

tftp server is at URL:

Additional details for VMPS configuration can be obtained at URL:

Hope this helps you,


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Re: Configuring VMPS on Cat5000s

Don, THANKS! for your response. I did issue the vmps server, vmps tftpserver, and vmps state enable commands on the vmps server switch;(don't remember wehre the vmps domain is requested, but there is no vmps domain command I could find...). By the way, I inferred that I did this correctly because 1) the show vmps indicates the db file on the tftp server was accurately parsed by the vmps server switch w/o error; this is further supported by show vmps VLAN and show VMPS MAC, from which the output looks correct. On the client switch, I executed set vmps server to the domain sserver, and assigned the port via set port membership 3/18 dynamic, then plugging in and looking at the switch. No other queries were displayed by in the show dvlan stat. Was I supposed to issue the above commands on the vmps client switch, also? Thanks.


Re: Configuring VMPS on Cat5000s

I believe that these should be entered on the client switches as well. Try it out and let me know how it works out.

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