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confused about that

i have one 2520, one 2514, one 2501, now 2520 is frame rely swith, and 2514,2501 connected by frame relay.

2514: s0

2501: s0

i can ping on 2514 and on 2501, but on 2514, i can not ping, why


Re: confused about that

It's normal to not be able to ping an address on the router itself so don't be alarmed. If you want to ping an address on the router from the router its best to have more than one interface configured with an ip address and issue and extended ping from interface to interface.


Community Member

Re: confused about that

thanks a lot

even i configured ethernet port on both routers, i still can not ping the router self, it is normal?


Re: confused about that

If you can't ping between 2 ethernet ports on the same router meaning e1 can't ping e2 with an extended ping and both interfaces are up than there is some thing wrong.

If you are consoled/telneted into a router and you just issue ping and an address on the router you are logged into it is not unusual to have the pings fail. Technically they should fail because by doing that it doesn't specify a source interface to use for the ping.

I would only worry if you couldn't ping two interfaces in the same router with an extended ping.

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