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Congestion Meassurement

Hi there,, The problem i have in the network is that there are several STM-1 International links that transport traffic going to and from the internet. Those links are most of the time overused, having rates around the 155Mbps during many hours, for budget reasons we have to keep those links at these levels, i would like to find a way to meassure the quality of service i have depending of the traffic, in order to identify when packets are being dropped or when roundtrips time are increasing, and then i can predict when my client is going to have a better or worse service, if you can help me in this issue i will appreciate it. thanks ahead!

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Re: Congestion Meassurement

The quickest way to measure Quality of service would be to look at the dropped packets on the interfaces. You could use MRTG to plot the number of packets dropped over time. This does not tell you per protocol stats though.

For more predictable dropping of packets, try using WFQ (Wieght Fair Queing). This should give balance out the flows in the router. All Queing mechanisms require some extra power in the router.

Policy based queuing and routing may also give you stats. NBAR may also giv e you those stats.

Round Trip times will most likely have to be monitored externally by a ping appliation.

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