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Connect 806 to RCN Cablemodem

I have a CISCO 806 that I will be using to connect to a RCN 1-way cablemodem setup. This will replace the existing Sonicwall.

I can get the router to get an IP address from the network, and it is serving DHCP to its connected devices. But I can't reach the network (e.g. ping the DNS servers.)

If I place the Cisco behind the Sonicwall, all is well.

I read the information about static routes, but RCN will not provide the "next hop address" as they do not support networking.

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Re: Connect 806 to RCN Cablemodem


If I understand you correctly, you only other option is a route that looks like

ip route

If there is only one other device on your subnet that you received, you are fine. If there is more than one, you have a problem and the route above will not work properly.

You may have to call them and tell them you are not asking them to support networking, but during they have more than one address in your subnet, you have no way of knowing how to get out to the Internet.

They know you may have to know that address and you will have to push them and escalate within the company if necessary. I have had experience with ISP providers that if you do not use there equipment, they make the install much more difficult for you, but eventually that spit up information. I am not saying this is the case. You have to determine that.

Good luck...Steve

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Re: Connect 806 to RCN Cablemodem


Thank you. There must be a way to get the address. If I directly connect a PC, the PC can get out. With the Sonicwall connected, it can get out. I just can't figure out how to let the Cisco 806 get out. Would "rip" or "default network" work? How?

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