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Connecting 2+ 35XX to 1 400X

I am experiencing severe network performance problems when I connect 3 Cat3524's to 1 Cat4003

(fibre dot1q GBic links).

All in 1 physical loop. The Cat 4003 is the root bridge (connected to router). The bizarre thing is if I disconnect the fibre between the 4003 and the first 3524 (forcing all the traffic the long way round) it all works OK.

Reconnect the fibre and problem reappears. I have replaced the switch, fibre, and GBIC on this first switch and still the problem does not go away.

Is there a compatability issue between 400X and 35XX

I am missing ???


4003 Flash:cat4000.5-5-4b.bin

3524 Flash:c3500XL-c3h2s-mz-120.5.2-XU.bin

3524 Flash:c3500XL-c3h2s-mz-120.5.2-XW.bin

The newer switch which went in has a slighty different revision.

I have tried everything .. 4003 is VTP server rest are clients - Diameter set to 3 on 4003,

The trunk is set to ON on the 4003 so I believe DTP is not an issue.

Any Ideas ??

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Re: Connecting 2+ 35XX to 1 400X

At least at one time, the 4000 series only supported dot1q trunking and the 3500 series defaulted to ISL. You might want to check to see if there's a mismatch and change the 3500's. I always set trunking on as well.

I don't know whether that explains why it works when you break the loop. Are all the ports on the 3500's in the same VLAN?

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Re: Connecting 2+ 35XX to 1 400X

Did you check your spanning tree configuration? Sounds like there could be some issues.

Can you post the config's for these switches?


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Re: Connecting 2+ 35XX to 1 400X

Yeap Spanning tree looks OK, its blocking in the right place, I make the 4000 the root, costs all look OK, When I make a topology change and debug Spantree events, I can see it go through the spanning tree rebuilding stages OK. Usually with spanning tree problems it will keep recalulating the topology but it isnt doing that in this case.

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Re: Connecting 2+ 35XX to 1 400X

It be any comfort, I am in the midst of a very difficult Support issue with two Cat4006/SupII acting as a core with 3524 edge switches, also connected with GE dot1q trunks. STP like symptoms, but no reconfigs jsut like you. This field notice was a good fit but did not fix our problem :

As you are running 5-5-4b you might want to take a look.

It has not done the trick for me however.

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Re: Connecting 2+ 35XX to 1 400X

You will actually want to use "nonegotiate" as the trunk mode instead of "on" to connect the Cat4k to the XL series switches.


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