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Connecting cisco 2515 to 3Com Active token ring hub

Please I am new to these routers but I am trying to connect the router with dual link interfaces to a token ring hub but do not have the required token ring lobe cables.

The ports are DB9 PC types on the router but have RJ45 ports on the hub.

Could you please help with making the cables to connect to these router to the hub or direct me to where I can buy these cables.I am in the UK.

I have the pinouts on the router but don't know how to make the cable connect to the RJ45.

I have even tried this combination

A straight through rj45 to db9

1 2 3 6 to 3 4 5 6 ## but it does not work

Please I need your great as i am trying to set up a lab to practise for my exam


Re: Connecting cisco 2515 to 3Com Active token ring hub

The RJ45 is using pins 3,4,5, and 6. I believe pins 1 and 9 of the DB9 go to 4 & 5 of the RJ, and pins 5 & 6 of the DB9 go to 3 & 6 of the RJ.

The other issue is cable impedence. The DB9 is used with Shielded Twisted pair, and is 150 ohm. The RJ45 uses Unshielded Twisted pair, which is ~100 ohm.

The "cable" that is usually used also contains impedence matching components.

Anixter ( has some adapter cables; the AMP cables used to be pretty cheap. Thre are also some adapters / headshells you can buy for the DB9 that do the impedence match and provide an RJ jack so you can use a standard UTP patch cable Cat4 or higher.

Good Luck


New Member

Re: Connecting cisco 2515 to 3Com Active token ring hub

Thank you for your reply.

Please are you saying I need to connect only 4 cables at the rj45 end instead of 8 and 4 cables at the db9 end instead of 8.

I have one of this adapters/head shell which has DB9 M port and RJ45Female at the other end. which I connected the db9 as

Orange 9

Black 5

Green 6

Red 1

The RJ45 port is already connected.

Then used straight through Cat 5 cable to connect the rj45 port but that did not work.

I will try your method and see if it will work.I believe you have done it before.


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