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Connecting routers accross a 1GB Link on different VLANs

Tring to connect up a network on 2 sides ( RA and RB routers) to connect up to each other via a switch connection.

Presently there is a 1GB link between 2 main switch (SA and SB) on vlan 211. And for us to utilise this link, we usually put devices on the vlan 211.

Now we have a situation where we have conected 2x C2950 ( StA and StB) to both SA and SB.

But the connection are on the default VLAN 1 as the C2950s are just used as ordinary hub and thereby vlan 211 cannot be created on the Port.

Now how do I make sure that traffic from the RA go to RB via the 1GB Link

In essence we have

RA-StA-SA(VLAN 211 1GB Link)SB-StB-RB.

Than for your help.


Re: Connecting routers accross a 1GB Link on different VLANs

Hi Friend,

If you waan a use your 2950 switch as only a hub and cannot configure a trunk or vlans on the same the only way I can think of is intervlan routing on yor SA and SB switch.

Can you confirm if this switches are layer 3 switches or merely a layer 2 switch?

As you topology goes you have vlan 1 connection from router to 2950 to SA switch so if your sa SWITCH IS layer 3 switch there you can router vlan 1 to vlan 211 and can pass traffic betwen 2 routers.

HTH, if yes please rate the post.


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