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Connecting to the Internet

I am trying to get to the Internet via a new line.

The devices on this network already get to the Internet via a 100Mb line on a router but I want them to use a 512 k line to get to the Internet via a proxy. The 512k line is directly connected to a 3550-EMI. The 100MB line is connected to a router that is connected to the same switch.

I have configured an interface on the 3550-EMI with address on vlan 400 and have a default gateway route of ip route This is the default gateway from the ISP. This switch also has a static route to see the LAN ip route This is the link to the 100Mb line. The Switch address is

My request is I want devices to use the vlan 400 to access the Internet

Presently I have

Ip route

Ip route

As we use proxy to go out.

I have configured on the proxy using

Ip address



Using the switch as its default gateway. The idea behind this is that it will send all traffic to the switch and if the switch does not know about it, it will send it to the default-gateway. It should get to it via the interface in Vlan 400.

This is not working.

Please what am I missing out?


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Re: Connecting to the Internet

Everything looks good, any update on this ?

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