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Connectivity check

Hi all,

I performed the connectivity check on communication between 2 sites. Local host can ping to remote host and vice versa, without problem.

I am using a common ping test, with 5 packets. But when I tried to browse the remote web server or file shares, or any application, it failed at all.

What further ping or other further test(s) should I perform in order to really ensure that the connectivity is really in the good working condition?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Connectivity check

Try using a program like IPerf (freeware). This program can tell you how you pass TCP or UDP traffic and can also flood your network to load test your links. However you may be blocking some ports for the application. Pings are great for low level connectivity tests, but does not test any upper layer ports and applications.Double check your routers/switches to assure there are no restrictions on your network blocking the traffic.

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Re: Connectivity check

By the way, where to check those ports are being blocked in the switches ?

Re: Connectivity check

along the path there may be ACL configure on the routers that blocks the L4 port of the application. Taking a sniffer might shed some light on why it's failing but you need to find first where it's getting dropped or failing these applications.

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Re: Connectivity check

There are no router being used between these switches. Hence, no ACL. I checked the Switch config file, none of the settings seems to block certain ports.

What else?

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