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considering vlans to connect two dhcp servers

Hi, at my highschool my ccna class "homework" is to rework the schools ip scheme. We are running low on ip's and we run a subnet of and share the other 1/2 with another school in this district. In order to add some ip's I'm considering setting up vlans so we can run dhcp servers for most of the classrooms. I'm hoping to put 1/2 of the school on one side of the vlan, the other 1/2 on the other side. Then configuring a router so they can communicate with each other. Is this the best way to free up some ip's and redo the ip scheme?

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Re: considering vlans to connect two dhcp servers

Not really. Your goal is to save IP's. By adding Vlans and DHCP's servers won't solve the overall problem. You may have to re-do the Network Mask for your school or incorporate NAT. Most schools that I have seen are typically running NAT.

Are you School's PC static? If so, then DHCP would free up some, however, depends on how many workstations you have, Servers, etc..

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