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Content switch "stickiness"

I manage a content switch version: sg0810106. I have a customer that has the following requirements:

The user connects via port 8080 to a VIP on the CSS and the CSS provides them with an Arrowpoint cookie for stickiness. From there If the customer picks CAC authentication, a new session is opened on port 443 to the same VIP on the CSS. The application requires that they be mapped back to the same server they were communicating with on port 8080 to complete the authentication process. The Arrowpoint session cookie is only good for the 8080 session, so the CSS will not use it to map them back to the same server. There are 3 servers mapped to each content.

Is there a way to map a user back to the same server they were mapped to on a different port?

Thanks for the assistance!



Re: Content switch "stickiness"

could you paste the running-config on your CSS and brief description about your topology?

Re: Content switch "stickiness"

Are you terminating SSL at the CSS at all?

The thought that occurs to me is that if not, you could use a single content rule just have no ports specified, and use src-ip (assuming no proxy/nat) do handle sticky.

You may get better help though in the datacentre/applicatio networking forum.


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