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Contigency plan / important steps not to miss during IOS upgrade

Hi all, one of my customer is running on a deferred IOS and he is not very happy about it (he is running on Cisco IOS not CatOS), we're proposing an upgrade of the IOS to the latest version within the same trend (12.2 17d B11). Prior to this, I'm preparing some document/checklist for the upgrade procedure, being very new to such environment, are you guys willing to share with me is there any special steps not to be missed? For example if the IOS caused problem, what kind of contigency plan? My customer is in a mission-critical environment and of course he won't be happy knowing the upgrade failed...sigh...tense...

The 6509 came with the Sup720 with MSFC, do you guys really use the genuine Cisco compact flash? Or those third party (Sandisk, Apacer) will do? What kind of the capacity it can support up to? I'm thinking of purchasing a compact flash type I, then load the current IOS inside, if something goes wrong, I can take out the compact flash and swap in this and reload the core switch, any idea?


Re: Contigency plan / important steps not to miss during IOS upg

The first thing I would do is backup the IOS and configuration to either another flash card or a TFTP server. That way you can revert back to them is case of failure from the upgrade... The second thing I would do is go out to Cisco's download site and get the IOS that you want and get the General Deployment version. Also research for any bugs within that IOS to assure that any features you are running today do not have bugs related to them on the new IOS. You would also need to go over the configuration to assure that all commands can carry over tot he new IOS. If you were to upgrade you may find out that some commands may not carry over to the new IOS or that a new command is needed to implement a certain feature that you want/need. If you are unsure of how to upgrade an image, then I would get the docs from the Cisco website to make sure that your upgrade goes flawlessly. Upon the completion of the upgrade I would veryify all commands and interfaces and functions are wroking properly. This is the hardest part. Usally you will not know anything until a few days from now when someone claims that something is wrong....Good Luck.

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