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copy with username password

looking in the manual I should be able to :

copy system:running-config ftp:[[[//[username[:password]@]location]/directory]/filename]


copy system:running-config ftp://anonymous:anonymous@


User anonymous:anonymous cannot log in.

Login failed.

Please login with USER and PASS.

Please login with USER and PASS.

This command work when I put in the username and enter the password manually but just doesn't like the password part

I'm trying to schedule this so don't want any interaction and just pass the usercode and password...

It also has to be ftp I use.

Can anyone help ?

Much appreciated



Re: copy with username password

Hi Gordon,

One option is to configure a default FTP username and password using the following in config mode:

ip ftp username

ip ftp password

Then, omit the username and password from your 'copy' command... It should then use these default details...

Hope that helps - pls rate posts that help.



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Re: copy with username password

sorry - I should of put that in my first post...

I tried the ip ftp username and password but it didn't like the commands. Is there somethign else I'm missing that I ned to do first ?

Here's the error I'm getting when trying ip ftp username

mensa# config t

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

mensa(config)# ip ftp username


% invalid command detected at '^' marker.

mensa(config)# ip ftp ?

% invalid command

mensa(config)# ip ?

access-list Configure ip access list

default-gateway Configure ip default gateway

default-network Configure ip default network

domain-list Add additional domain names

domain-lookup Enable/Disable DNS

domain-name Specify default domain name

name-server Specify nameserver address

route Configure static routing

routing Enable ip routing

tcp Enable ip tcp path-mtu-discovery

mensa(config)# ip

I can ftp the file no problem using anonymous username/password when prompted, I'm just trying to pass that info in without being prompted.


Will rate the posts once I get to the botto of this ;-)

Re: copy with username password


The possible cause here may be you havent configured / enabled anonymous access on the FTP server.

will suggest to configure the usernamd and password for the FTP access in the router and try copying the file to the FTP server.

you can make use of ip ftp username and ip ftp password commands followed by the credentials which you configure in the ftp server.

once you are done with that you can simply execute the copy command without mentioning the hyperlink.

check this link for more info on the same..


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Re: copy with username password


I understand from your posting that you are trying to use FTP to copy a config file. It is clear that you try to set it up for anonymous FTP and it fails. I am not clear when you say "This command work when I put in the username and enter the password manually" whether you are still trying anonymous FTP or whether you are putting in an actual user name and password. Can you help us understand what you are using for name and password when you enter them interactively?



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Re: copy with username password

Hello Gordon,

I think you have to define the FTP username and password on the router first, like in the configuration example below:

Configure the FTP username and password.

Mensa#config terminal

Mensa(config)#ip ftp username cisco

Mensa(config)#ip ftp password cisco123



Copy the configuration to the FTP server.

Mensa#copy running-config ftp:

Address or name of remote host []?

Destination filename [mensa-confg]?


Writing mensa.cfg !

1030 bytes copied in 3.341 secs (308 bytes/sec)


Can you try this and see if that works for you ?




Re: copy with username password

Hi Gordon,

Maybe you've discounted this already but why don't you just use TFTP in the absence of a workable solution for FTP. YOu will not have any password issues with TFTP.


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Re: copy with username password

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately, the server I have to copy them to has to be ftp and can't tftp it

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