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Core switch upgrades

Hi there,

My company has two sites, each with two core switches. Our main site has a 6509 and a 6513. Our second site has two 5509s. The 5509's are due to be replaced. The plan (very rough at this stage) is to take the 6509 and 6513 from the main site to replace the 5509s in the second site, and have two new 6513s at the main site.

Has anybody done a similar upgrade? If so, were there any problems which I should look out for. I am thinking of doing this over four weekends, changing only one core switch at a time to minimize disruption and provide a backout.

Our routers are all RSMs.

Any hints or warnings would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Core switch upgrades

Hi there,

There are some things you have to check:

1is there enough power supply in the computer room for the new switches (since the current 5500 series can be using a smaller power supply i.e 1500 Watt instead of 4000W). Also check the connections for the new switches/powersupply's. A 6513 can be using a CEEFORM connection and there are 5000 series using "normal" connectors

2 you have to check/build the configuration of your new switches before you are going to implement them in your new network. When you do this you are not getting any suprises during the migration weekend (i.e. a DOA supervisor).

(we had some problems connecting two 6513 switches with a supervisor 1, after the migration it appeared that this can not be done)

also check if there is enough space in the computer-racks (U of HE) and make some drawings.

3. Make a migration plan, before you are going to swap the switches. By doing this you are "forced" to think about the things you want to do.



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