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Core Switches

Is it recommended to have two 6500 switches at the core or 1 core 6500 and a cold swap unit?

This would be for a medium sized company.

Cisco Employee

Re: Core Switches

The answer as I'm sure know is: it depends. What is you objective for redundancy and performance? You need to weigh the options. Would the cold swap unit be identical to the device in production? How much time would it take to swap if there was a failure? Would any load-balancing benefit your network traffic? It would be my vote if you have two identical switches to configure them for redundancy and utilize the additional port realestate / bandwidth to load-balance your traffic.


Re: Core Switches

I agree with the previous poster. If the switches are the same, I think it would be best to design a network that would use both of them in a redundant/balanced fashion. This would yield both network resilency and increased performance. No sense in spending $$$ on gear that is only going to be used if there is a critical failure in the core.

My $.02

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