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creating server vlan

Hi all, I am think of creating a server vlan, but to reach this all traafic will need to be routed via my core to the network vlan network, I was hoping to free up the core routers utilization, is there anything else I can do or is this notmal practice ?


Re: creating server vlan

Hi Carl,

Kindly provide more information with respect to your setup.

In general whenever a new vlan is created, the intervlan traffic has to pass via the device which is performing the routing for this new vlan.

In your setup, if core is performing the intervlan routing, then all intervlan traffic which involves this server vlan, will have to hit the Core and get processed.



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Re: creating server vlan

why do people have server vlans in the first place ? does it increase performance at all ?

Re: creating server vlan

Hi Carl,

I shall say that its no more InterVLAN Routing but its CEF or Cisco Express Forwarding in which the Routing or L-3 Forwarding actually takes place in ASIC than through a Software hence its much faster or effecient.

In case if you are using Cat6500 Series Core Switches I shall request you to have a look on the Technology of CEF and dCEF in the following link:-

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Wilson Samuel

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