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Cryptic Messages from DFM...

I have very little experience with CiscoWorks...But I've got it set up to monitor a bunch of cisco switchs and a cisco 6509. I managed to get CiscoWorks to send pages but the messages it sends are odd. "Performance Exception accross all ports in a vlan" "Operation Exception" etc. Is there any way to change these to better reflect the actual condition of the equipment. For example, recently power was flickering at a site and the switch there was rebooting alot, Cisco Works saw this and reported that the was an "Operational Exception, ...Not functioning properly" but I would like to see more informative messages. Any good guide to configuring DFM? Thanks very much.


Re: Cryptic Messages from DFM...

Is this DFM 1.2 with IDU 1.2.3 installed?. gives details on what faults and exceptions are reported by DFM and details of each. Also DFM FAQs:

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Re: Cryptic Messages from DFM...

Regardless of the version, you are pretty limited to what you can change. If you are interested in being able to redefine and create your own Codebook correlation, have a look at SMARTS. They are the ones who wrote DFM and have their own product on the market. It's a little pricy, around 300k for a decent installation.

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