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CSS 11154 console hangs after boot and bridging hangs system

On a css 11154. Console stop receiving input after boot completes. You can enter offline mode fine and enter commands. However, if you let the boot finish, after the Cisco logo, you get three lines of text, then nothing. Accepts no input afterwards and does not finish listing the output from running the configuration command.

you can access the box through telnet.

Once in telnet, I encounter a second problem. (this is a new install, so there are no services, rules, groups, etc. setup). I enable spanning tree. Then on interface e13 I bridge vlan 10, which is connected to a C6509. e14 is connected to another C6509 which is attached to the C6509 that e13 is attached to. When I bridge e14 to vlan 10 also, the system hangs. The same configuration works well on my other css11154s and css11506s. Verified the console kit is ok by using it on other css's and trying other kits on this switch.

I'm thinking there is a relation between the two problems. CSS was running 4.x when the switch was first brought up. I upgraded to 5.20 thinking it may solve the issue, but it did not.


Re: CSS 11154 console hangs after boot and bridging hangs system

This problem can be due to defective flash .

A CSS 11000 with a defective flash will either boot into OffDM because it cannot see the disk at all or display the following information on boot or in OffDM.

The solution is to replace the defective hardware.

The following URLs give uyou more information regarding this :

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