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Customers that are using 6500 in redundant configuration


I have a customer that are interesting to implementing a redundant CORE using 3 Catalyst 6500, in a triangle configuration.

The customer will use HSRP and 15 vlans.

The left switch is the master for all the vlans and run all the HSRP process.

The right switch is the backup HSRP routing.

Server with 2 NICs are connected, one card in the left switch and the other card in the right switch.

This are redundants servers. Very important servers.

Servers with only one NIC (development servers) are conecting in the third switch (middle).

Each switch have two links to the other switch.

Each link have two gigabit port (hunt group or lag, multimode fiber).

I need information about customer that are using similars configurations.

This work fine using 6k5?

I could power down the left/right switch and work fine using only the right/left and middle switchs?

There are any customer that are using 5 catalyst 6500 in redundant configuration?

Sorry for my english. Thanks. Regards, JM.

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Re: Customers that are using 6500 in redundant configuration

Anybody know a configuration with 3 Catalyst 6500

in triangle?

I know platform with Catalist 4000 and 5000 in the

access layer, and 6k5 in the core.

I know the triangle configuration with another product.

Is better implement another platform?

Anybody have experience with the triangle configuration?

Thanks, JM.

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