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CW2000 - Topo Svc';s and Unconnected Devices

In my Topology Services, unconnected devices, my Cworks server keeps discovering unknown devices and most of them with private IP addresses.

They are all red boxes with question marks(?) in them. They are not devices that we can / want to manage and we do not have access to them in any way.

I can delete them but at the next discovery they only get put back.

They are not seed devices, not in RME, not in DFM, not in andy vtp domains and do not appear in the RME CM synch log.

How can we delete them permanently??? or can we configure Cworks to ignore / not acknowledge these devices ??

New Member

Re: CW2000 - Topo Svc';s and Unconnected Devices

These would be devices belonging to your ISP/telco. All your edge switches would be sharing cdp info with the service providers switches. Two ways to stop this.

1. From Server config > Ani server admin> discovery settings > Filter Using Ip addresses go to the drop down menu and choose DO not Discover in these ranges and enter in the IP address range eg. 172.16.*.*

2. The second option would be to disable CDP on the interfaces facing your service provider or any external network device ... this would be a better option in terms of security.

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