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CW2K RWAN network device discovery

CW2K LAN Mgt Solution comes with Campus Manager that allows auto-discovery of network devices.

in CW2K RWAN, am I right to say that CW2K only allow Manual adding of devices and importing of files from other NMS?

CW2K RWAN is the only nms for the network, there is no way that I can import files from other nms. It is also a hassle for me to manually add in all network devices to be managed.

Does anyone has any suggestions on how can I add devices to be managed in an efficient or faster way? Appreciate your input, thanks.


Re: CW2K RWAN network device discovery

RME in CW2K is not for network discovery, but for doing other things like inventory, software, config management etc. Adding devices in RME inventiry is one aspect of the application. You can import devices from:

- csv file


- NetView

- Campus Manager

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Re: CW2K RWAN network device discovery

I recommend you create a seed file to import into RME. The seed file should contain a list of IP addresses for Cisco devices in your network and the community string/telnet access for each device. This method I find more efficient than manually entering each device using the GUI. To create a seed file follow the steps in the RME/Inventory tab which allows you to export a file. This file exports your current inventory data, but you can use this export as a seed file. If you do not have anything managed already this file should only contain some lines about the columns of the table. Help on the Cisco website for using this file in documented below.

Once you have created this seed file go to the RME/Inventory tab and select import from file.

It will import your new seed file and then start polling each one in your list. It is important to make sure the seed file is properly created otherwise the import function may not operate correctly.

Hope this helps.

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Re: CW2K RWAN network device discovery

If you use some type of seed file there are a cli command to use for scripting, so it can be done "automatically" every xx:xx.


Regards Jorgen

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