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CW2K: Starting Online Help

Browser will not resolve contents/index navigator window, when online help is accessed. Online help will be working well, but left-sided navigator window stays unresolved and blanked.

What could be the cause for this behavior?



Re: CW2K: Starting Online Help

Did you changed the hostname/ip add of the CW2K server recently?. If not, then is the name/ip add resolable in DNS both from ip to name and reverse?

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Re: CW2K: Starting Online Help

No, I didn't! But, maybe, it has something to do we the following fact:

browser is called on the CW2K host via a terminal services session - depending on performance reasons! If I do the same directly on my local workstation, I do not have this resolving problems on the navigator window.

Your welcome to answer back to me.

Horst Klug

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Re: CW2K: Starting Online Help

Hi, Horst

CW2k does not currently support terminal services.

You may want to try PC anywhere or any of a dozen

other programs that do the same thing.

You will run into all kinds of problems if you have terminal server installed.

Please have a look into the bug tool kit to the

description of the problem :

Bug ID # CSCin33621

Best Regards,

Joseph Melrose

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Re: CW2K: Starting Online Help

Hi again,

I'm afraid of being in a lost position. Imagine the real complex life and structure of enterprise networks, fenced by firewall rules and so on, I suppose, I have to live with the problems.

Keep on going forward, to work out, to bring the product more in line with the needs of reality.

Best regards



Re: CW2K: Starting Online Help

Don't use terminal client. Directly use your client browser to connect to CW2K

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