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CW2K without DNS, needs Host file

Running on Solaris, I want to create a host file, that CW2K will reference for host or device names "IF" it cannot resolve to DNS. DNS will resolve some but a few are not in DNS and I want to add them to a host file rather than edit the DNS server.

Which host file on Solaris should I add these two and what should the syntax


Re: CW2K without DNS, needs Host file

/etc/hosts file is the local host file in Solaris.

Format Example: (if you want two ip's to resolve to one name.

Also, there is a /etc/nsswitch.conf file that has a "hosts" line. Ensure there is a "files" word entered there. This makes Solaris look in it's local host file for these names.


hosts: files dns

Hope this helps you,


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Re: CW2K without DNS, needs Host file

I looked at these files and they appear to be correct. I added some IPs and switch names to /etc/hosts but I have not seen the switch names show up in User Tracker, or any other of the places that list the Device IP and switch name together.

Will this info not be imported until a full discovery or is there some other process I need to restart to make it happen?

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Re: CW2K without DNS, needs Host file

I also have some workstations that the hostnames are not being imported into UT. They resolve to DNS via the CLI on the server, and most other workstations are resolving and showing up in UT.

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