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cwjava at 98% CPU constantly

The cwjava process on our Solaris system is contantly chewing 98% of the CPU. This has been occurring for 4 or 5 days now. I have tried stopping all CiscoWorks system processes, but it only "tamed" the process for a bit before it jumped back up. No other users are on the system.

Any ideas? I don't know where to begin troubleshooting.



Re: cwjava at 98% CPU constantly

How about some details on the server CPU, memory etc, Solaris and CW2K version?

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Re: cwjava at 98% CPU constantly

What is the specific Operating System of you Cisco Works server? Solaris 5.8

What is the platform details of Cisco Works server? Sun-Fire-200R , 1GB RAM

What version of RME are you currently running? 3.3

What version of JRE are you currently running? JRE 1.2.2 version 2.0

What is the exact path you are going in Cisco Works? /opt/CSCOpx

What version of I.E. are you currently running? 5.50.4807.2300, SP2

What version of Netscape are you currently running? n/a

What version of Campus Manager are you currently running? 3.1


Re: cwjava at 98% CPU constantly

How many devices do you have in the inventory?. If you have a good back of the database, you can try doing a reinit and the restore it back. Is DFM also installed and being used?

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Re: cwjava at 98% CPU constantly

1200 - 1400 devices.

After much investigation I have found the process to be ChangeAudit which is causing this (through the dmgtd.log file). I shutdown the process and the CPU load on the server returns to a "normal" 92% idle.

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