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CWM Event Management

Hi together,

i am using the Cisco Wan Manager (CWM) together with HP OV.

I like to see all traps and events that the CWM receive from the IGX in the HP OV Event Browser. Of some reason this didn´t work properly. Are there any adjustments that i should make to see the Events from the IGX in the event HP OV Browser ??

To be honest i´m not very familiar with CWM. So any help is welcome :-)

Thanx in advance


Re: CWM Event Management

Here is the Cisco Web site that explains what you exactly need: How to configure HP OpenView (HPOV) to view traps:

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Re: CWM Event Management

Ok, Can you explain a bit a further what you're trying to do ?

You' have CWM and OV installed on the same box. Which means they are integrated together. So you're seeing the events come out of the node to CWM

and then to OV which is what should happen usually in a typical installation

are you asking if you can see the events directly from the IGX sent to OV and

bypass CWM ?

If you can also provide the version of CWm and OV you're using. If this becomes

too long to discuss over this forum then please open a case with us in the TAC and we will be more than glad to help you.

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Re: CWM Event Management

You are right. CWM and OV are installed on the same box. They are integrated together. But in my opinion the events were displayed wrong tin the OV Event Browser. e.g in OV event configuration tool under Strata View Plus i see a dedicated event for e.g "Comm Break" with the OID . But the event is displayed in browser as "Minor IPX Event" with the OID .

I tried to catch the packets with a IP LAN Analyzer. To see wich oid the IGX sends but i didn´t see any packets that the IGX is sending although the event is displayed.

Is there an mechanism that CWM or OV avoid that the event is shown correctly in the event browser so that all alarms are displayed with the OID . as "Minor IPX Event" ? Os do i need more congiguration between CWM and OV ??

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Re: CWM Event Management


You still didn't tell me which Version of CWM and Openview you have ? if you can that would help.

So if I understand correctly you're receiving . and the event is showing Minor IPX Event" which has this OID . ?


commBreakAlarm OBJECT-TYPE



VARBINDS { lastSequenceNumber, trapCommBreakRptNode, trapCommBreakNode, trapReason }

DESCRIPTION "This trap is generated whenever commbreak is reported.

trapCommBreakRptNode -

indicates the node which reported the commbreak.

trapCommBreakNode -

indicates the node to which commbreak occured

commBreakAlarm is reported by all routing nodes in the network when

one or more routing nodes become unreachable.

The trapReason code for this trap are :

comm-break-node-degraded (997)

comm-break-alarm (999)

When a trunk between two routing nodes fails and makes some nodes

unreachable, each of the rouing nodes in the network generate

commBreakAlarm trap as explained in the following example:

and . is minorSwitchEvent OBJECT-TYPE



VARBINDS { svNodeGrpNetName, svNodeGrpName, trapOccurTime, trapMsgFormatTime, trapTimeZone, trapSeverityStr, trapMsgStr }

DESCRIPTION "This event is orginated by the switch in text format whenever

something occurs on a node that would be of interest to someone

responsible for the maintenance of the node. This trap indicates

that a Minor event has occured on the switch."

::= { iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprises(1) stratacom(351) svplus(1) svplus#(0) 1005 }

So you should get both, but it seems you're only getting one of them which

is the latter. You can either fix in ov so that each event has it's own definition

if this does not work, then we would need to open a DDTS (bug report)

to have this troubleshooted further and hopefully fixed.

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Re: CWM Event Management


we are using CWM Version 9.2.09.Sol Patch 14, and HP OV NNM 5.01.

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