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Dailin anyone -modem setup on 2600

Hi gents

im considering using my cisco 2600 for dailin. currently i have win2k rras but i would like trying hanging the modems of the router instead...

as i understand it there is line configuration to start with, i mean i would hang my modem on line 01 physical interface (or is this alrady, as my friend said -a built in modem???) and then i would go for line config (or is it tty -if so how would i know which ones as there seem to be like 60 or so of them) then there is something about async, right? and what of dailermaps and such?

i know guys, i dont know to much of modems but thats why im asking help ;)

any helpful thougts would be great.

any good links would be just as great

and any actual pictures and topology like diagrams or visios even better!

have a nice weekend!

and thank you


Re: Dailin anyone -modem setup on 2600

You can either use internal Microcom modems (NM-16AM or NM-8AM), or you could use async interfaces and connect external modems (NM-32A or NM-16A). The digital modems (NM-6DM, etc) are only supported on the 3600 chassis.

As for configurations, this should help:

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Re: Dailin anyone -modem setup on 2600

Thank you for answering!

"You can either use internal Microcom modems (NM-16AM or NM-8AM)" -how do i know i got them? and where ;)

You also suggest externals but specific brands? cant one just hang a regular modem there and use some autodetect stylish command?

thanx again

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Re: Dailin anyone -modem setup on 2600


How do you guys normally set up dail in access? i mean is my line of thought correct here, wanting to draw the modem to the router? what i want to do is remote access to my network -RAS, RRAS sort of thing. I imagine my user having a laptop with modem, dailing in -no vpn or such.

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