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Data compression using the AIM-VPN/EPII

Hi, was wondering if it's possible to use the

AIM-VPN/EPII to hardware compress non-IPSec data or whether the compression capabilities are only applicable in the context of tunnelled/IPSec encapsulated data. If it is possible, are there any configuration examples to follow. My reading of the tech-notes for this module seem to suggest that the compression capabilities are only in the context of IPSec encapsulated data & using IPPCP (IP Payload Compression Protocol).

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Data compression using the AIM-VPN/EPII

On the Cisco 3745, the AIM-VPN/HP supports a maximum of 1,800 tunnels. The recently released AIM-VPN/EPII and AIM-VPN/HPII further extends the encryption performance of the Cisco 3700.

These modules offers hardware accelerated DES/3DES and the new AES (Advanced Encryption standard) encryption at speeds up to 90-Mbps on the Cisco 3745 (max based on 1400 byte packet size).

In addition the AIM-VPN/EPII and AIM-VPN/HPII support hardware-assisted layer-3 compression services

where bandwidth conservation may lower network connection costs. The AIM-VPN/EPII on the Cisco 3725

supports a maximum of 8,000 tunnels, and the Cisco 3745, with the AIM-VPN/HPII supports a maximum of

10,000 tunnels. On regards to the split-tunneling implementation, this applies to VPN remote access tunnels only. It is basically achieved by enabling an ACL command under the crypto client configuration. The ACL is dynamically loaded on the VPN Client, and specifies exactly the networks to be permitted for

encryption. The rest of the traffic is sent unencrypted. I am including a sample configuration for routers performing EzVPN, which I guess you are not interested on but applies the same for software

VPN clients. I am sure it will give you a good idea of how to configure it on the VPN server since:

Configuring Cisco IOS Easy VPN Client Mode with Split Tunneling



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Re: Data compression using the AIM-VPN/EPII

Thanks for the reply but it doesn't really answer my original question and I'm not really interested in a bunch of marketing blurb which I can readily get from CCO. The original question was whether the AIM-VPN/EPII can compress non-encrypted/non-IPSec data traffic, the same way in which the AIM-COMPR4 does and if so, whether there are any configuration guides available. Thanks

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