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dCEF doesn't seem to be working

I have a 7500 with a VIP2 card (FE PAM). I am trying to deploy QoS. I have "ip cef distributed" and am running 12.2(17a). The problem is when I enter the command at the interface level "service-policy ..." it gives me the error,

"service-policy is supported only on VIP interfaces with DCEF enabled".

Any idea what I'm missing? I've been looking but can find nothing except how to turn dCEF on. I think I've already done that.

Any and all help is appreciated


Re: dCEF doesn't seem to be working

Check if you are using the 'ip route-cache cef ' command under the interfaces. I guess this is also needed apart from the other command.


Re: dCEF doesn't seem to be working

I'm not certain you should have to configure each interface for cef switching if you have it globally configured--in fact, if you have it globally configured, then you should have to turn it off, rather than on. :-)

I's run show cef int to see what cef thinks is running, and then work from there.


New Member

Re: dCEF doesn't seem to be working

You can check for the VIP's memory. You can do this by issuing "if-con "

Then just go with commands show memory and show ip cef. This commands you issue will be related exclusively to the VIP.

Running full-routing and 128Mb in a VIP could be a problem, and dcef would certainly not come up.

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