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DDR: 2nd B channel won't connect


I have a 2611 router configured for DDR and multilink. I have a load-threshold set to save some $$ on per minute charges. I have one BRI connected to router. I am using a dialer interface and have two dialer strings configured. When the threshold is reached on the first b-channel, the router tries to dial the first number again. It gets a busy and immediately tries the next number.

It never gets connected and I get the following message from DEBUG DIALER.

"BRI1/0 DDR: Has 2 ongoing call(s), maximum allowed call(s) 2 on pool1, exceeded max"

From looking thru the forums, it seems to me that before the call to the first number (which gets a busy) is completely dropped, the router believes a call is being completed and doesn't finish the second call. I tried the "isdn fast-rollover-delay" command to see if it had any effect. It didn't.

While first channel was connected, I issued the "isdn call interface bri1/0 XXXYYYY" command (where XXXYYYY is second b channel number of remote BRI), and it connected fine. So, there seems to be some sort of timing issue with the calls being placed.

Any ideas? I realize telco should know enough to roll the call to second channel, but it ain't happenin'.



Re: DDR: 2nd B channel won't connect

I'm not sure what version you are at, but you may want to ensure that you are at least up to the latest 12.1. The following bugs would be fixed:

CSCds25095 Dialer profiles does not work after a few connected calls

CSCdt18462 Dialer Profiles-ISDN calls rejection even with free B channels.

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