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DEC,LAT and Netbuei

Hello all, I have 2 4006 switches along with many 2924 and 3550 switches. I need to get DEC, LAT and Netbuei communicating across all vlans. I was told to look into DLSW but it looks like the 4000's don't support (data link switch) encapsulation??

Unsupported Features

These features are not supported in Cisco IOS Release 12.1(13)EW for the Catalyst 4000 family switch:

*Bridge groups

*IOS software-based transparent bridging (also called "fallback bridging")

*Access control using authorization and accounting

*Kerberos support for access control

*session command for the Catalyst 4000 Access Gateway Module (WS-*X4604-GWY)

*NetFlow Aggregation Cache

*NetFlow Statistics Export Version 8

*HTTP server

*Community VLANs and two-way community VLANs in private VLANs

*Remote SPAN (RSPAN)

*IGMP v3 snooping

*DLSw (data-link switching)

*WCCP (Web Cache Communication Protocol)

*The following ACL types:

Has anyone come across this issue, I think I should probably open up a tac case for some more guidance.

any info. would be much appreciated.




Re: DEC,LAT and Netbuei

This would be equivalent to having just one vlan. Not a good solution.

You have to bridge networks to allow these protocols to travel the network.

Is it not possible to arrange it so that all LAT hosts are put in the same vlan?

(and the same for netbeui, ..)

Otherwise your network design is far from optimal. The preferred solution would be to alter your design and/or to phase out these antique protocols.

Best regards,

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