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Default route decision based upon Source address

I have a router that has 2 routes (Route A and Route B) to

I have a Mail Server and set the Gateway of the Mail Server as the router address, how can I manipulate traffic originating from the Mail Server to be directed out to Route A only ( necessary because the NAT translations for the public address exist across Route A).

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on this..I have tried making this work twice without success...the router wants to load balance the two default routes...


Re: Default route decision based upon Source address

Hello this can be done using PBR (policy based routing).

You can route based on the source

!(match subnet where the mail traffic is )

access-list 1 permit

route-map mail-out

match ip address 1

set ip next-hop IPofrouterA

interface (incoming traffic)

ip policy route-map mail-out

check the link:

For redundancy you need a different feature:

but this depends on your network design (interface types, configs , etc)


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Re: Default route decision based upon Source address

here you are using the default routes with the same AD thats why it is using loadbalancing...if you want to let your data traffic out to router A only then you need to confiugre the PBR as per vlad said...

first of all you have to configur accesslist which include host ip as mail server and then you have to configure routmaps which match the accesslist statement and the set the next hop as your router A...

i think this will help you to clear idea

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