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Default Route

I'm setting up a virtual network. I have five routers. Routers A, B, and C are running RIP.Router A is connected to B, B is connected to C, and C is connected to A. (Traingle Configuration) Router A is connected to Router D. Router D is connected to Router E. Now, normally routers ABC couldnt reach E because they wouldnt have a route as Routes D and E arent running RIP. So I set up a default route on A to go to D. Bam, router A can now reach router D and E because of the default route. However, router B and C cant. So i set a default route on B and C to go to A.

Router B and C can now reach Router A's (outside interface) that goes to Router D, but not any further.

What am I doing wrong.

What I want is to be able to send packets out of the "Rip Triangle" (A, B, C) to reach D and E. I dont want to configure RIP on D and E. I just want to configure a default route so that if packets want to reach routers outside the "triangle" then they send it out Router A's "outside" interface to Router D.

This would be similar to the same situation as an organization with multiple internal routers who want to send all "internet" data out their core router to their ISP with a default route.


Re: Default Route

If you have a default route on router A to reach networks behind router D towards router E you can redistribute your static route into RIP. That way routers B and C learn the networks behind D and E dynamicly.

You can reach router D from router A because the are connected thus sharing a subnet/point-to-point link.

Do routers D and E have a route back to routers B and C?

Post your configurations.

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