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default routes

Can anyone please tell me the different ways of advertising a default route in eigrp ? are they redistribute a static into it, or use the ip default network command ?


Re: default routes

Please check below link :

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Default Routing

There are two ways to inject a default route into EIGRP: redistribute a static route or summarize to Use the first method when you want to draw all traffic to unknown destinations to a default route at the core of the network. This method is effective for advertising connections to the Internet. For example:

ip route x.x.x.x (next hop to the internet)


router eigrp 100

redistribute static

default-metric 10000 1 255 1 1500The static route that is redistributed into EIGRP does not have to be to network If you use another network, you must use the ip default-network command to mark the network as a default network. Refer to Configuring a Gateway of Last Resort for further information.

Summarizing to a default route is effective only when you want to provide remote sites with a default route. Since summaries are configured per interface, you do not need to worry about using distribute-lists or other mechanisms to prevent the default route from being propagated toward the core of your network. Note that a summary to overrides a default route learned from any other routing protocol. The only way to configure a default route on a router using this method is to configure a static route to (Beginning in Cisco IOS Software 12.0(4)T, you can also configure an administrative distance on the end of the summary-address command, so the local summary does not override the route).

router eigrp 100



interface serial 0

encapsulation frame-relay

no ip address


interface serial 0.1 point-to-point

ip address

frame-relay interface-dlci 10

ip summary-address eigrp 100

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More info. here.

Hope thie helps.

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Re: default routes

so does this summary route on the interface just tell other routers that that interface knows about all destinations, will this be advertised to routers only out of that interface ?

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Re: default routes

hi there, can anyone help with this, would I just put on the interface ip summary-address ?



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