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deferred errors and collisions

getting deferred errors and collisions on my internet connection. The packet rate is small, about 15 packets per sec adn its a 10 mb half dup ethernet. I have swapped the card, increase hte buffers, swapped cable out but i still continue to have it. its a 7206 router


Re: deferred errors and collisions

Deferred transmissions and collisions are to be expected on a half duplex Ethernet connection; these counters should only show 0 (zero) when the connection is running in full duplex mode. I don't know whether your 10-megabit Ethernet interface(s) for the 7206 allows full duplex operation: I have seen documentation that the copper modules do (PA-4E and PA-8E) but the fiber module does not (PA-5EFL), so it depends what you have.

If you are connecting to a switch and have one of the copper modules, configure the router's port to operate in full duplex mode; and on the switch, configure its port to run at 10-megabit, full duplex (that is, no autonegotiation).

If you are connecting to a hub, multiport repeater or Ethernet concentrator, you have to leave the connection at half duplex to participate in the CSMA/CD collision detection process.

Here's a pair of useful links:

Troubleshooting Ethernet Collisions

Charles Spurgeon's Ethernet Web Site

Hope this helps.

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