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defining 'show contr atm4/0"

Are these errors a sign of a DS3 problem. Is it possible that a PVC can make a DS3

generate errors.

Framer Information:

Framing mode: DS3 C-bit PLCP

No alarm detected

Facility statistics: current interval elapsed 262 seconds

lcv fbe ezd pe ppe febe hcse


38 0 0 0 0 0 25 6

PLCP Errors:

bipe fbe febe


38 5 4117 38



Re: defining 'show contr atm4/0"

These are errors on the physical line. I PVC will make the ATM int show erros if you have overutilization , i.e. if you are bursting above your PCR. I sh atm PVC vpi/vci will show you AAL5 erros , if these errors match the erros on the physical interface then you have a capacity issue

sh atm pvc 2/10

VC 2/10 doesn't exist on interface ATM1/0 - cannot display

ATM2/0.10: VCD: 1, VPI: 1, VCI: 50, Connection Name:

VBR-NRT, PeakRate: 24576, Average Rate: 24576, Burst Cells: 94

AAL5-LLC/SNAP, etype:0x0, Flags: 0x20, VCmode: 0x0

OAM frequency: 10 second(s), OAM retry frequency: 1 second(s), OAM retry frequency: 1 second(s

OAM up retry count: 3, OAM down retry count: 5

OAM Loopback status: OAM Received

OAM VC state: Verified

ILMI VC state: Not Managed

VC is managed by OAM.

PA TxRingLimit: 966 particles

PA Rx Limit: 289 particles

InARP frequency: 15 minutes(s)

Transmit priority 2

InPkts: 56728, OutPkts: 52835, InBytes: 30424078, OutBytes: 13331457

InPRoc: 3432, OutPRoc: 416

InFast: 53297, OutFast: 52419, InAS: 0, OutAS: 0

InPktDrops: 0, OutPktDrops: 0/0/0 (holdq/outputq/total)

######CrcErrors: 7,####### If these match the errors on physical then you have capacity issue

SarTimeOuts: 0, OverSizedSDUs: 0

OAM cells received: 13

F5 InEndloop: 13, F5 InSegloop: 0, F5 InAIS: 0, F5 InRDI: 0

F4 InEndloop: 0, F4 InSegloop: 0, F4 InAIS: 0, F4 InRDI: 0

OAM cells sent: 13

F5 OutEndloop: 13, F5 OutSegloop: 0, F5 OutRDI: 0

F4 OutEndloop: 0, F4 OutSegloop: 0, F4 OutRDI: 0

OAM cell drops: 0

Status: UP

the problem you posted above is a physical line problem

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