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Defining VTP Domain on 2924

How do I define a VTP domain on 2924 from CLI? I usually do this with VSM, but I want to know how on CLI.


conf t

vtp <file>

is the option interactive help provides, no other options like vtp <domain> etc. etc.

Help is appreciated.

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Re: Defining VTP Domain on 2924

you don't need to go into configuration mode, you need to vlan configuration mode (straight from the enabled mode)

switch#vlan database

switch(vlan)#vtp domain

You type 'exit' to save the changes and get back to enable mode.

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Re: Defining VTP Domain on 2924

So this configuration will or won't show up in a "show run"?

And for your remote offices that are on a flat LAN, is it beneficial at all to configure a VTP domain?


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Re: Defining VTP Domain on 2924


Here is a link that will walk you through the set up. It should be very helpful in setting up VTP, Vlans, VMPS and Trunk Links. have a good day

Donald Williams


Beginning in privileged EXEC mode, follow these steps to configure the switch for VTP server mode:

Command Purpose

Step 1

vlan database

Enter VLAN database mode.

Step 2

vtp domain domain-name

Configure a VTP administrative-domain name.

The name can be from 1 to 32 characters.

All switches operating in VTP server or client mode under the same administrative responsibility must be configured with the same domain name.

Step 3

vtp password password-value

(Optional) Set a password for the VTP domain. The password can be from 8 to 64 characters.

If you configure a VTP password, the VTP domain does not function properly if you do not assign the same password to each switch in the domain.

Step 4

vtp server

Configure the switch for VTP server mode (the default).

Step 5


Return to privileged EXEC mode.

Step 6

show vtp status

Verify the VTP configuration.

In the display, check the VTP Operating Mode and the VTP Domain Name fields.

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