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Delete APs from BBSM5.2

Hi we have the problem that we have deleted 2 APs from the BBSM, made a factory reset and installed them again in the bbsm. there are already 18 aps which works fine with the same config.

The problem with this two aps is that when you are asso. to them you get an ip and then the searching.asp site comes but not the radiusxxx.asp site. when you enter the radius site manually you can authenticate but then you have only access to the walled garden.

did i missed something when i delete the ap from the bbsm? what could cause the problem?

reagards Bernhard


Re: Delete APs from BBSM5.2

I ahve forgotten the funny thing is if i use "new" APs which where not already "in" the bbsm it works fine....

Re: Delete APs from BBSM5.2

updates: =)

when i take another IP addresse for the ap from the management pool it works fine. just with the old 2 one it doesnt work. did i miss something when i deleted the old 2 access points? i seems to me that the ip is still somewhere in the bbsm DB with the mac address or something like that.

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