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Deleting a VLAN

I inadvertently created a vlan that I want to delete now. I went into vlan database and did a no vlan vlan_id. Now when I do a show vlan it is no longer there but I want to remove it from the running config. It still shows up there. the vlan is shutdown and is no problem but I just want to get it out of the runn config. I am on a 6509


Re: Deleting a VLAN

Once you clear it from there, it should be gone, too , Are you talking about the interface vlan <#> , then just go to the config and do " no interface vlan <#>

but if you are seeing something like " vlan 2" in the config. please go to the config and do " no vlan 2 and that will clear the vlan. Make sure your vtp mode should be either transparent or server.


Re: Deleting a VLAN

This info might help:

If you are running Native IOS, you can accomplish it by deleting the

vlan.dat file.

The VLAN configuration is stored in the vlan.dat file, which is stored in

nonvolatile memory. You can cause inconsistency in the VLAN database

if you manually delete the vlan.dat file.

You should take note of this, specially if your switch is running as the

VTP server in its domain.

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