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Deleting sup-bootflash on C6509

I have attempted to delete a file on a C6509, Sup 2. The file is on the sup-bootflash. When I enter the file name, I receive an error indicating there is no such file on the sup-bootflash device.

sh sup-bootflash:c6sup22-psv-mz.121-23.E2.bin

delete sup-bootflash:c6sup22-psv-mz.121-23.E2.bin

Delete filename [c6sup22-psv-mz.121-23.E2.bin]?

Delete sup-bootflash:c6sup22-psv-mz.121-23.E2.bin? [confirm]

%Error deleting sup-bootflash:c6sup22-psv-mz.121-23.E2.bin (File not found)


Re: Deleting sup-bootflash on C6509

There are several possible things why this message appears:

1. the file na,e is misspelled, therefore file cannot be found.

2. the file had already been deleted.

3. The sup had just been converted to Native IOS and the file was put in the bootflash: while it was in hybrid, this will result in the native not being able to find anything in the bootflash as it was copied there in a hybrid format that the native is now not seeing.

Try to see if the file still exists with "dir sup-bootflash:", if you see the file, make sure it does not have "D" on it which woudl mean it's maked for deletion but it has not freed up the space.

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Re: Deleting sup-bootflash on C6509

Thanks for the input...The file did have a D, and I squeezed sup-bootflash to resolve the issue. Appreciate your help...G

Re: Deleting sup-bootflash on C6509

Great, glad to be of help.

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