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Desirable trunk mode

CCO states:

Cisco recommends an explicit trunk configuration of "desirable" at both ends. In this mode, network operators can trust syslog and command line status messages that a port is up and trunking, unlike "on" mode, which can make a port appear up even though the neighbor is misconfigured. In addition, "desirable" mode trunk provides stability in situations where one side of the link cannot become a trunk or drops trunk state.

Is this the preferred trunk mode?

New Member

Re: Desirable trunk mode

The above is taken verbatim from one of the catalyst presentations and yes "desirable" is the recommended trunk mode when connecting two Cisco switches.


New Member

Re: Desirable trunk mode

Is desirable valid for etherchannel and dot1q as well?

New Member

Re: Desirable trunk mode

When configuring switch trunks you should always configure them in the ON mode.

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Re: Desirable trunk mode

I ran into a problem getting a 6509 running Catos to trunk to a cat3548XL running cisco IOS using the desirable configuration on the 6509. The trunk cam up initially but then began flapping. It wasn't until I configured the trunk on the 6509 as ON instead of desirable that it finally stabilized.

Re: Desirable trunk mode

The 2900/3548XL doesn't support DTP (Dynamic Trunk Protocol) so it will not be able to create a dynamic trunk with another switch. Has to be hard-coded. Also, the 2900/3548XL doesn't do PaGP which is used for Etherchannel.

New Member

Re: Desirable trunk mode

I ran into the same problem when I was configuring a 3524xlpwr to my 6509. When the 6509 was in desirable I could not get a link. I switched the 6509 to on and got connectivity.

New Member

Re: Desirable trunk mode

We actually recommend using "nonegotiate" as the trunk mode when connecting a Cat6k to an XL series switch, although "on" might work.


New Member

Re: Desirable trunk mode

I had the same issue with an 4006 switch. Looks like some switches only support 802.1q and the other end has to be negotiate 802.1q. for the trunk to be up and not flapp.

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Re: Desirable trunk mode

You can use the command "sh port capabilities mod/port#" to see what features and their modes are supported by different hardware.




Console> (enable) sh port capabilities 1/1

Model WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE

Port 1/1

Type unknown

Speed -

Duplex half,full

Trunk encap type 802.1Q,ISL

Trunk mode on,off,desirable,auto,nonegotiate

Channel yes

Broadcast suppression percentage(0-100)

Flow control receive-(off,on),send-(off)

Security yes

Dot1x yes

Membership static,dynamic

Fast start no

QOS scheduling rx-(none),tx-(none)

CoS rewrite yes

ToS rewrite DSCP


Inline power no

AuxiliaryVlan no


COPS port group 1/1-2

Link debounce timer yes

Console> (enable)

New Member

Re: Desirable trunk mode

We can use *Desirable* trunk mode.

Trunk mode drop can be due to the misconfiguration or mismatch in the configuration in either of the sides. To make tunk to work both the sides should agree upon the same trunk configuration.

Check the vlans added in the trunk , duplex & other configuraions which should match both the sides.

hope it helps....

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