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Device Timout

I have an end device (not a PC) connected to a 2924-XL switch that will periodically 'fall asleep' so that you are not able to ping the device. If I clear the arp table on the switch or router (2620), the deivce will then start to talk again. The device may keep talking for as long as a day or just an hour or so.

We have tried changing ports, hard coding the speed and duplex, there are no errors on the port. I have another site were the same configurations is working fine, and I have been compared all the settings. The ethernet port on the end device has also been replaced and configuration settings have been checked.

Has anyone seen this kind of problem or have any further ideas ?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Device Timout

Yeah we have seen this on our 2924's and 1924's at times , usually the problem for reason on our end is printers . We haven't really come up with a good solution , sometimes extending the mac address to 1 week will help . Just had a similar call just last week , don't know what the fix is though .

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Re: Device Timout

Are you configuring the arp timeout ?

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