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DFM FileNotifier behaviour

Should I expect to see every Config Management trap received by Dfm in the FileNotifier log file? I.e. if I send DFM 10 Config Change traps should I see 10 entries in /opt/CSCOpx/objects/smarts/logs/DFM-alarms.log?

I have a Solaris 8 machine with just DFM 1.2 (and CD One 5th 2.1) with trap receiving turned on listening to port 162 and the File Notifier turned on.

'snoop' confirms the DFM Solaris machine receives all 10 the traps but only 1 appears in the file.

Every 2nd time I restart DfmServer (and the FileNotifier) the first trap appears but none of the subsequent traps - and the counter in the Dfm Console does not increment.

New Member

Re: DFM FileNotifier behaviour

After 12 minutes DFM-alarms.log showed a *CLEAR* Config Trap. When I sent another Config Trap in this correctly displayed in DFM-alarms.log. I'll do some more testing.

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Re: DFM FileNotifier behaviour

Answer appears to be no. That is deduplication is occuring. I have my answer

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