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DFM Interface Polling Configuration

I am trying to modify the interface criteria in DFM so that Serial Interfaces ONLY includes Point to Point and Frame relay. I want to exclude BRI, ISDN and other dial or backup ports. I know how to modify the criteria, but what is the string I use to NOT include *ISDN or *SLIP or *BRI? Alternitvily, can I just add a Frame Relay group under the Interface types to ONLY include that type of interface? If I can't modify the criteria, is there a way I can stop seeing the status change messages for these interface types?


Re: DFM Interface Polling Configuration

Here is a method to unmanage a port or an interface in DFM. There are also other FAQs that would be very useful.

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Re: DFM Interface Polling Configuration

Thanks for the reply. I have discoverd that this is a bug in DFM and will be resolved with the next update due out at the end of June. This bug is resolved as a DFM functionality enhancement and is covered in ISDN Support (see PRD, EDCS 253674) (CSCdv53038, CSCdy83378, CSCdw23386).

The idea of going in and unmanageing each and every ISDN, BRI, DS# port is distasteful. I will wait for the patch and go from there. Thanks again.

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