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DFM:ISDN Thresholds

DFM constantly reports link down errors on ISDN interfaces.

The problem I have is with 1600 series routers, where primary WAN connection is serial 2mbps, with backup ISDN interfaces.

If I specify in the thresholds settings, the d0 and bri1 & bri2 as backup not normal, these settings are not saved, I haved tried saving these in admin console, having clicked reconfigure.

Please give me some idea what where I may be going wrong, so I may save these new values.



Re: DFM:ISDN Thresholds

What version of DFM are you using?. This could be due to: Have a look.

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Re: DFM:ISDN Thresholds

Do apologise, the version of DFM is 1.1 patched with 1.1.2.

I don't think the bug is related to my problem, by default in thresholds group\interface group\attributes, BRI0:1 and BRI0:2 have a default value of mode=normal, I have options to change these to backup or ondemand.

If I change this value to backup, then reconfigure and save in Admin console, when opening up the threshold console again, the values have reset back to normal. How may I make these changes stick.


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Re: DFM:ISDN Thresholds

Per the bug listing above the instructions are:

The workaround is as follows:

1. From the Polling and Thresholds Console, in the polling group,

go to Interface Groups and select the Backup Interface group.

2. Change the TYPE=*ISDN* Matching Criteria to TYPE=*DS0*.

3. Click Apply.

However I have seen other Release Notes that say change the matching criteria to *ISDN* and *DSO*. Which is right? (If it is the second version should it be entered as: *ISDN* | *DSO* (with pipe or vertical bar character to indicate AND) ?)

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