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DFM no longer works ....event log displays

DFM's been working for over 2 months, all of a sudden it stopped.

Upon starting up after reboot, some services don't start and report dll files are missing from the path (but they actually exist and so does the path). Anyone see this before?

Here is Win2k's log file.

21; Event ID: 0x40000001; Time: Mon Jan 27 14:29:17 2003

EventType: 1; Source: DFM; Computer name: CISCOWORKS

[27-Jan-2003 02:29:17 PM+515.000000ms]

SVIF-E-While attempting to register the server 'DFM' with the broker

SVIF-Cannot connect to DM Broker at 'ciscoworks:9002/dmbroker'

SM-No process is connected to the specified location


Re: DFM no longer works ....event log displays

Does stopping/starting DFM processes make any difference?

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Re: DFM no longer works ....event log displays

In reviewing the Ciscoworks services, I find the following 5 started.

ani db engine

cmf db engine

cw2k daemon manager

essentials db engine

visibroker smart agent

is DFM part of one of these? There are no others listed. Is DFM a 6th service that should be started? I don't have another setup to compare it to.

Otherwise, I can get to Ciscoworks from a remote browser but running diagnostics does result ani error messages. I'm thinking of un-installing DFM although I'm not sure upon re-install if I need to use 1.2 since the version currently in there is 1.2.2. I think there's a more recent patch available ver 1.2.3. Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: DFM no longer works ....event log displays

I am having this same problem with DFM. Was this a TAC and/or re-install?

Joe Edwards

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Re: DFM no longer works ....event log displays

I just got it going again and this is what I suggest.

Go to \cscopx\logs and take a look at the aniserver.log file. Mine stated problems existed reading the file located in cscopx\etc\cwsi\.

In my situation, I had 3 files there. I believe the reason I see 3 listed is a result of previous upgrades such as the one I performed to DFM v1.2.

I had an (this is the file it was having trouble reading)

an (the result of the DFM1.2 update?)

and an

This is what I did to fix mine....

First, I renamed the file to Then I copied to I rebooted the server and it came back to life.

Hope your situation is the same...and it fixes it.

Also, since the properties files are a little different in size, I'm not convinced the one I'm using now won't give me problems later. I have a call into Cisco about that to determine if an incremental update to DFM 1.2 created the .sav file and a new file to use. The .sav file is smaller.

It looks like the file got corrupted. I used the next best one I knew worked. I have not tested to see if it fails by trying to re-use the initial file I renamed. Hope this helps.


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