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DFM not dispaying errors

We get emails from DFM but nothing in the DFM monitoring console. Does the errors clear automatically even if the check box to clear is not checked. I seem to remember that the mesages stayed up until you cleared them. We did a network test plan failing a lot of stuff and got the eamils but I expected to see the alerts in DFM monitor. Thoughts.


Re: DFM not dispaying errors

The messages do show under DFM Monitoring Console till you do a Log->Clear Log. Even if you clear them out, they will appear back again depnding upon your DFM settintgs.

New Member

Re: DFM not dispaying errors

I thought that was the case, how can I troubleshoot why my errors aren't being displayed. I get emails from the alerts, just nothing in the monitoring console. One thing is that we had put the service pack on, and we experienced lots of errors on our 3550's about power supplies. We saw in the readme about these errors and how there was no fix, so we uninstalled DFM and reinstalled like the notes said. Before the uninstall/reinstall DFM monitoring console worked fine in fact there were tons of symptons and alerts about the 3550 power supplies. Did something go wrong in the uninstall/reinstall process?After the reinstall, all switches were seen because we have RME managing the inventory. I even tried adding everything in the DFM administration console using "add agent", but still nothing. On one of the switches, I had inadvertinetly put in the wrong SNMP string and on discovery I actually got a alert on email and DFM monitoring console. I have not changed any of the console settings from default so I am stumped. We had really wanted to use this for our monitoring team and we are supposed to go live this weekend so I really need this going. Thanks!

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