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DFM vs 7513mx


I'm working on DFM 1.1,and monitoring faults of lots of routers and switches.But I have a trouble with 7513.Although RME recognize it, DFM don't it. I read the Supported Device Table for Device Fault Manager 1.1 , it says that

" Note : This list contains the Cisco model names of all devices that are supported by DFM 1.1. Variants to the generic device (device model names that have unique extensions) are not supported unless they are specifically listed. For example, DFM 1.1 supports the Cisco 7000 series model 7513, but not model 7513MX."

Also, later version DFM 1.2 says same thing.

Although there's no more difference between 7513 and 7513mx, also RME, why does not recognize DFM 7513mx? What maybe the reason for that? Would be there patches or versions recognizing 7513mx later?

best regards...

Tahsin Bekdemir.

network eng.


Re: DFM vs 7513mx

7513 and 7513 MX are different Chassis types and have different sysObjectID's as well. These are not the same. Also, if RME recoganizes a device, it does not necessarily mean that DFM will support that too. Both are separate applications.

DFM 1.2 currently does not support 7513MX per:

'DFM 1.2 supports the Cisco 7000 series model 7513, but not model 7513MX'. The next IDU may have support for this.

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